Portfolio-based writing assessment

A portfolio primer : teaching, collecting, and assessing student writing

An assessment rubric guides students when they design their portfolio and when they self-assess or conduct peer reviews of the work. Interdisciplinary Unit An interdisciplinary unit of study that includes many different content areas is often difficult to evaluate using traditional methods of assessment.

Often broken down into two groups, gross motor and fine motor development.

Writing 115 Portfolio-Based Assessment

As students move pieces from a working portfolio into either an assessment or display portfolio, they describe the reasons for their choices.

For example, students with disabilities, for whom learning and assessment adjustments have been made, may need to submit a modified form of portfolio, or to be supported in the preparation of their portfolio.

As with portfolios prepared for college admissions, students can use employment portfolios to document those features of their preparation that they believe would best convince an employer of their expertise in areas such as basic skills, problem solving and adaptability, and collaborative work skills.

A working portfolio is different from a work folder, which is simply a receptacle for all work, with no purpose to the collection. It was difficult to compare their work and determine whether the standards portfolio-based writing assessment high enough.

Statement on Academic Misconduct: Use technology ePortfolio software such as Mahara and PebblePad has been developed specifically for use in higher education. Portfolios can be thought of as a form of "embedded assessment"; that is, the assessment tasks are a part of instruction. As such, the items in the portfolio must be designed to elicit the knowledge and skill specified in the outcomes.

Portfolio in the 90s and beyond. Research and Development in Higher Education, pp. The concerns are explicitly evidenced in the issue of Language Testing in which Xi situated fairness within the framework of validity: School of Design, Curtin University.

The instructor provides feedback on the self-evaluation at the midterm in addition to feedback on all work in the course. Hopefully, we will come to a place where we incorporate both.

In some respect, such instruments also demonstrated certain degrees of validity, yet in the s and s these were largely replaced by tests that measured samples of actual student writing because such tests were seen to be more valid.

There are many possibilities for the contents of a display portfolio. They may be used to diagnose, document, or celebrate learning. In addition, the working portfolio may be used to diagnose student needs. However, because assessment always involves a power imbalance between those who ask questions and those who are required to answer them, Spolsky argued that other unstated purposes have often been the true drivers of such assessment programs: It is important to leave teacher bias aside when observing children.Though Dryer does not focus explicitly on portfolio assessment rubrics, his findings about the construct of writing in writing assessments are significant and applicable to portfolio assessments.

He collects and analyzes a sample of 83 scoring rubrics and grade. The current study explored the effect of portfolio assessment on the improvement of the Iranian students’ writing.

Additionally, students’ attitudes towards using portfolio were investigated. Introduction. Portfolio assessment of writing, which incorporates several diverse writing samples produced at different times, has often seemed ideally suited to programs that use a curriculum influenced by the writing process.

The primary focus of this study was to determine the effect of portfolio assessment on final examination scores of EFL students’ writing skill.

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To determine the impact of portfolio-based writing assessment 40 university students who enrolled in composition course were initially selected and. Most critics of portfolio assessment say they like the emphasis on demonstrated writing and oral skill, but have seen too many instances in which a refusal to give traditional tests of factual recall leads to charmingly written essays with little concrete information to support their arguments.

Sep 21,  · Portfolios are increasingly used in postgraduate medical education and in gastroenterology training as an assessment tool, as documentation of competence, a database of procedure experience (for example endoscopy experience) and for revalidation purposes.

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Portfolio-based writing assessment
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