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Stay hopeful that the Crystalline Amoeba poops your car out soon. See this, and the previous question, for a fuller discussion of methalox combustion. Hydrogen pumped up to plasma would help in-space ISP. Whenever you slow way down in order to merge across a lane to get to your upcoming exit, YOU could create one.

Various equivalent rocket motor performance measurements, in SI and English engineering units Specific impulse.

WSU Institute for Shock Physics

What happens if the rocket explodes in flight? Liquid-fuelled engines are often run fuel-richwhich lowers combustion temperatures. It is due to acoustics within the combustion chamber that often couples to the chemical combustion processes that are the primary drivers of Physics isp energy release, and can lead to unstable resonant "screeching" that commonly leads to catastrophic failure due to thinning of the insulating thermal boundary layer.

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There are amazing things you can do as an "amateur traffic dynamicist. Besides the usual stationkeeping tasks, the BPT is also providing orbit raising capability to the spacecraft.

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In many cases, propulsion systems with very high specific impulse—some ion thrusters reach 10, seconds—produce low thrust. Alternatively, rockets may use more common construction materials such as aluminium, steel, nickel or copper alloys and employ cooling systems that prevent the construction material itself becoming too hot.

This boundary layer thickness needs to be as small as possible, since the boundary layer acts as an insulator between the wall and the coolant. This can also increase performance by lowering the average molecular weight of the exhaust and increasing the efficiency with which combustion heat is converted to kinetic exhaust energy.

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But notice an interesting thing: This is a cross-section containing that axis. A single "rubbernecker" could cause one by momentarily stopping to look at something interesting.

This led to the design of the cylindrical Hall thruster. Other cars are approaching from the left and stopping too. However, if propellant weight is used, an impulse divided by a force weight turns out to be a unit of time, and so specific impulses are measured in seconds. Chugging[ edit ] This is a low frequency oscillation at a few Hertz in chamber pressure usually caused by pressure variations in feed lines due to variations in acceleration of the vehicle.

This may lead to high-amplitude pressure oscillations, often in ultrasonic range, which may damage the motor.ISPCON, the leading event for wired and wireless ISPs, today released details of keynotes, educational sessions and open forum meetings focused on revealing the realities of WiMAX(TM) for attendees of the biannual Internet service provider convention.

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High-spin physics comprises physical phenomena observed when atomic nuclei are in quantal states with high angular momentum (high spin). High-spin states of atomic nuclei can be generated in two fundamental ways.

The International Programme in the Physical Sciences (IPPS)

ISP Physics. Sp S on S so S red S · May 24, · testing message. ISP Physics. Sp S on S so S red S · May 24, · ISP Physics facebook is launched. See All. See More.

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ISP stands for Institute of Semiconductor Physics.

Physics isp
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