Oracle adf tricks

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Oracle Cloud JCS instance delivers very good throughput, but for on-premise setup you would probably need more compute resources to handle the same amount of load Figure The Oracle Mobile Application Framework has some other capabilities like running Java code on the device but that's a topic for another post.

So, to leverage the native date picker on iOS and android, you need to conditionally render either the af: Oracle ADF BC technology offers a strong API for managing and processing data on the backend—it integrates very well with DB and gives various options to override data processing events e.

The changes are applied to view layer by the framework. The last thing I'd like to show you here is the option to enable the Console click on the Console button on the top menu and you can many other things like triggering commands or watching the console output.

Figure 25 Read more: To get the same information in Java, you can use code like this: A single line of code actually! Well, of course not!

You can set the value of the Display label of every attribute. For example, a date input type will render with iOS or Android native date picker Context-sensitive virtual keyboard.

ORACLE ADF Online Training

This files holds the mappings between pageDefs and their pages or method calls and generally, whatever accepts pageDefs. Deleting a component from a JSF page without deleting it's binding Here is the demo: We set the custom response parameter only if the call is done to the custom method POST and if the request contains an Authorization header.

This is a typical filtering process.

Oracle Technical Tips & Tricks

Now I would like to make a step forward about how to combine ADF and web services. Figure 47 There are additional steps to complete to allow Internet access to the new managed server. Go to Bindings section and explore it. You can also manipulate the DOM to Oracle adf tricks the name or size of the labels and see how they are going to look like.

This can be done by going to the view object general tab, tuning section, and uncheck the checkbox as shown below Hiding the Surrounding PanelCollection Many of the standard features in a panelCollection are less useful on a mobile phone.In this post, i will explain how to add service methods to application module.

Basically, we define a method in application module implementation when the method performs a general operation and does not refer to a specific entity or view. Oracle Fusion Middleware technology without a hitch. Thursday, 16 April useful tricks for ADF and services integration Nowadays it's though to imagine an application that doesn't consume web services.

Now I would like to make a step forward about how to combine ADF and web services. Nov 11,  · As you may know, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery OEID was released November 7th, I decided to download the product and go through the installation.

The great news is that the installation process has been greatly improved compared to OEID Feb 07,  · Dependent LOV's in Query Criteria and View Accessor Workaround After reading Steve Muench's Tips and Tricks, i applied a very simple script.

As you saw while running the application; the first time the LOV is added, the EmployeeId is evaluated correctly. Oracle ADF 11g Certified Implementation Specialist. Follow by Email.

Oracle ADF/Hybris Tips

Posts about JDeveloper written by abhishekshahi. This is complete step by step training course around ADF, This self-paced “eCourse” is the first in a series that addresses Oracle ADF 11g topics through video presentations, quizzes and practices.

Oracle Service Bus Introduction. Oracle Service Bus (previously known as Weblogic ALSB) is a light weight messaging component of SOA Suite. In addition to providing basic routing and transformation services, OSB also provides advanced capabilities for service abstraction.

Oracle adf tricks
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