Eytan zweig dissertation

Mismatches between aspectual restric-tions on functors and aspectual properties of their arguments are resolved bythe introduction of reinterpretation mechanisms that type-coerce the argu-ments into the desired aspectual type. A Note about Translation: Cases like 2-b and 3 with iterative readings fall out naturally fromthe semantics of distributivity on this sort of analysis and do not require resort tocoercion operators.

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Beyond the natural temporal lengths ofevents, there is the fact that short gaps in instantiation within the measuring intervalare fully acceptable in the interpretation of for-adverbs.

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The investigation is still pending and is in its 16th month. The availability of narrow scop-ing for indefinites has to do with whether the sentential or extrasentential contextallows for a precise determination of the partition measure.

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Eytan zweig dissertation

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Underspecification and aspectual coercion. Alsheich had hoped to keep his job for the customary fourth year when his threeyear term ends in December.Article. AL-Baradi, A.M., Mears, M., Jones, R.A.L.

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et al. (1 more author) () Diffusion of dextran within poly(methacrylic acid) hydrogels. Journal of Polymer. From: Eytan Zweig Subject: Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning E-mail this message to a friend Institution: New York University Program: Department of Linguistics Dissertation Status: Completed Degree Date: Author: Eytan Zweig Dissertation Title: Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning Linguistic Field(s): Semantics.

This article proposes that Kroch’s () Constant Rate Hypothesis – the generalization that contextual effects tend to be stable in processes of diachronic variation in production data – be extended to synchronic variation in controlled judgment data.

Two recent, large-sample judgment experiments are discussed suggesting that shared contextual effects across speakers in acceptability.

Dependent plurals and plural meaning.

dissertation would not have been possible. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor, Lisa Davidson. Thank you for being such a patient guide, for always having your door open to discuss new ideas, for encouraging me to step back and question my assumptions, and for instilling in me a passion for experimental research.


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CUMMING A dissertation submitted to the Graduate School{New Brunswick Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey This dissertation is an experiment: what happens if we treat proper names as mermann and Eytan Zweig. Thanks to my parents, who after gestating and rearing me, were sel ess enough.

This study investigates the diffusion and structural adaptation of quotative be like into a rural African American speech community.

The data come from a longitudinal corpus of recordings (–) with rural African American Vernacular English (AAVE) speakers born between –

Eytan zweig dissertation
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